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International Networking with Tools to Get Results
Move Beyond Getting Just "Exposure" from Business Networking On-line advertising and business networking are good for "exposure" measured in fans, clicks and business cards. BusinessPoint Live is a comprehensive end-to-end business ecosystem designed to help your business achieve the bottom-line results you need. BusinessPoint Live™ provides the people, applications and services businesses require on a daily basis, direct to their desktop, releasing management from unproductive activities to focus on business success. The system improves your business with more new customers, projects completed and cost savings using a private, secure platform of networking, applications and services.
Member Businesses get results with flexible business networking, applications and third party service programs The system provides programs for:

- Full “immersion” or start with specific solutions that provide the greatest impact and grow from there.
- Getting advice using advice management and implement solutions in the system, saving time and money.
- Managing your business by bringing resources together on one platform built on unique pre-configured applications, services and technology such as Microsoft SharePoint Business Services.
- On-line sales and marketing with an advice engagement model which provides a positive solution selling environment and online applications to lower your costs of qualifying and engaging.
Membership Programs

For anyone who is an owner, investor, manager or employee of a business organization. ...pricing & program details

Free Membership
  • Ask practicing advisors/suppliers about your business issues
  • BusinessPoint Live consultants assist finding the right contacts and formulate questions
  • Clarify and qualify using applications such as Advice and Transaction Management
Business Edition adds business management tools including:
  • Access to web conferencing, collaboration software, project management, and content management
  • Use with global or private internal network
  • Annual fee based upon number of users, data storage, and customization services
Network Business Advisor adds targeted marketing & on-line selling including:
  • Leads and prospects from network members including professional services, retail, industrial etc
  • Pipeline and performance management tools
Community Edition adds custom & private label implementations
  • For communities from 1 to 1,000
  • Contact Us for details
...pricing & summary
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