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Advisor/supplier profiles start the dialogue based on descriptions of professional experience and capabilities. Look at the sample profiles and imagine how reassuring it is to start your selection process with this information.

Advice or Selling?

Most business people don't mind buying but hate to feel “sold”. You want advice not a sales pitch, yet to execute you most likely will need help. BusinessPoint Live connects companies that need help with suppliers removing pitches and advertising by....

  • Matching partners based upon
    • Your needs
    • Advisor compatibility to your business
    • Advisor expertise (which you evaluate)
  • Advisors Agree to a Code of Conduct
  • System "polices" itself against violators
Bypass the Ineffective "Numbers Game" of Typical Business Networks and Social Media! No one could possibly know all that’s needed to succeed in business. This makes getting the help you need through networking so important. On-line business networking and social media are good for exposure measured in fans, friends, clicks and business cards. They DON'T: 
  • Recommend Contacts to Advise on Specific Needs
  • Track Written, Verbal, and Visual information
  • Link Interactions into Collaboration Applications
Membership gives you access to the BusinessPoint Live™ network of qualified business advisor/suppliers ("NBA"s) to provide advice and engage with your company on any opportunity or issue. What you can expect in return is simple and effective advice with the resources to implement it. Business Point Live aligns you with advisors/suppliers during the three main phases of the buying cycle…..define needs, evaluate alternatives, risk evaluation and action.. Join for FREE Now to solve issues and seize opportunities.
Collaborative Applications Move Advice into Execution! With good advice, success is then only 2% about strategy and 98% about execution. BusinessPoint Live delivers an end-to-end business networking capability that takes you from creating relationships to the real results needed for success. You CAN:
  • Convert Discussions into Project Plans
  • Close & Sign Contracts
  • Collaborate & Execute Projects, Programs, etc
When it’s time to really execute and achieve your desired results set up a Business Point Live workspace to manage teams and other resources, schedules and deliverables. Join Now to engage and begin driving real results. ...learn more about collaboration tools
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