Business Communities
BusinessPoint Live™’s Internet Business Centre manages business communities of all types. Every business, big or small, regardless of what they do, manage their own community. How well they do this has a direct impact on income, cost and profit.

Community Management is vital to the operational success of any business because it involves all employees, contractors, consultants, prospects, clients, suppliers and professional advisors. Most important of all it aids understanding of the issues within a business activity or transaction which helps to reduce the time and therefore cost of managing business transactions. By using the Internet Business Centre, relationships will be managed efficiently to maximise productivity, reduce risk and control costs.

The Internet Business Centre manages your business communities across the world creating new relationships, new markets and new opportunities. Communities link together much like Olympic rings with specific ‘rules of engagement’.

Business Communities

By linking with other communities members expand their network of contacts creating a larger market to sell into or buy from. They can significantly improve productivity in almost every area of business by removing the need to travel and manage multiple activities at the same time.

As well as business organisations other types of communities such as business associations, Chambers of Commerce, professional bodies, business consultancies are able to use the Internet Business Centre to benefit their members (clients) and reduce the cost of membership management.

What this means for the business is new relationships across the world which grow your sphere of operation across a much larger geography without having to leave your office or incur cost.
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