Membership Upgrades and Pricing
Members have three upgrade options which all include the ability to use the full functionality of the Internet Business Centre. They are Business Edition, Network Business advisor and Corporate Edition. The table below details the functionality for free membership and each of the upgrade memberships.

Basic Membership
(Advice & Transactions)
Business Edition
(Basic + Business Management)
Network Business Advisor
(Business + Online Sales)
Corporate Edition
(All Services + Corporate Customisation)
Advice from Network Business Advisors tick tick tick tick
Q&A Management tick tick tick tick
Client Relationship Management tick tick tick tick
Sales Lead Generation and Target Marketing tick tick tick
Full Business Consultancy tick tick tick
Intra-Company Integration tick
GoToMeeting License* tick tick tick
RHUB Web Conferencing License* tick tick tick
*Choice of one license included
Partner Transaction Workspaces
includes Activity/Issue/Document Management & Project Tracking)
tick tick tick tick
Create and Customize Workspaces tick tick tick tick
Customize Workflow tick tick tick
Corporate and Intranet Integration tick
Supplier Qualification tick tick tick tick
Information Channels tick tick tick tick
Survey Creation/Management tick tick tick tick
Market Campaign Management tick tick
Customizable Operations Workspace tick tick tick
Virtual Office tick tick tick
Pre-defined Workspace Templates
(includes sales, marketing, training, etc)
tick tick tick
Microsoft Office Integration tick tick tick
Corporate/intranet Integration tick
New and Existing Client Publishing and Mail Management tick tick tick
Microsoft Office Integration tick tick tick
Website Content Management tick tick tick
UI, content, and integration Services tick tick tick
Technology & Support Packages Basic Extended Corporate Corporate
1 - 3 Users per year FREE £1,125.00 £1,500.00 £3,500.00
4 - 10 Users per year FREE £2,500.00 £3,000.00 £7,200.00
11 - 25 users per year FREE £4,750.00 £5,500.00 £12,000.00
26+ users per year FREE Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Members can then market their products and services directly to their own communities, to BusinessPoint Live™ membership in the UK and abroad or as a Network Business Advisor. All of these campaigns are supported by BusinessPoint Live™ media and marketing campaigns.

Many other types of business organisations can benefit from BusinessPoint Live™. These include professional bodies like the IFA, Chambers of Commerce, Federation of Small Business as well as normal trading companies who can licence the Internet Business Centre platform and customise it for their own specific services. Fees are by negotiation.

The fees for Network Business Advisors are calculated on the number of active users providing advice or services. The fee provides a fully functional version of the Internet Business Centre including the on-line marketing suite, newsletter publishing, blogs, with free web conferencing and communication.
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