The Program
  • BusinessPoint Live™ Benefits:
    • B2B network with secure global communication and data management
    • FREE access to Professional Advisors and/or product and service providers
    • On-Line Business Management Tools
    • On-Line Sales and Marketing Tools with access to UK database of trading companies for effective new business development
    • Comprehensive range of On-Line Business Tools, Business Applications and Services
    • Business 'Security' with all activities
BusinessPoint Live™ is an 'On-Line' business-to-business network providing members (Business Organisations) with secure global business communications and data management with which to manage their daily business transactions.

Members use BusinessPoint Live™ to source online solutions and address their own specific business challenges. They enjoy direct and secure access with our team of professional advisors or product and service providers. This is a FREE service.

BusinessPoint Live™ believes every business should enjoy FREE access to the latest internet business systems enabling them to be more competitive in today’s market place and to significantly reduce their cost base. All you need is an internet browser to access the system.

The system works exactly as we do when establishing business relationships face-to-face. We begin by asking questions, qualifying the value of the advice, product or service offered and either establish a relationship or terminate the discussion. Whether we are buying or selling, advising or learning the process is the same.

BusinessPoint Live™ manages business relationships in exactly the same way using a secure internet workspace. This enables confidential on-line discussions between the parties to qualify each other prior to any engagement and manage the business transaction post engagement. The workspace stores and retrieves phone calls, web conferences and documents, videos and pictures which are available as required to aid participant understanding.

In addition, the workspace participants have access to a comprehensive range of business services, applications and tools with which to manage the relationship.

Mission At all times security is key. Member’s confidential business data is exactly that, confidential! Members are protected from the risks and threats commonly associated with the internet and other types of business communication and social networks.

For a annual fee of £500 per user, BusinessPoint Live™ members may upgrade to the 'Business Edition' and benefit from using the latest internet business tools, business applications and services required on a daily basis. This reduces the cost of doing business whilst enjoying increased productivity. Other members may upgrade and become a professional advisor or service providor (Network Business Advisor) marketing to and supporting the BusinessPoint Live™ membership.

Both the Business Edition and Network Business Advisor memberships have the functionality to market their services to non-members using our integrated database of UK trading companies combined with our interactive email system.
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