Membership Benefits
BusinessPoint Live™ members use the Internet Business Centre to focus resources on the activities which make their businesses succeed. Its easy to use, just like Microsoft Office which is fully integrated within BusinessPoint Live™.

BusinessPoint Live™ simplifies business activities to improve the productivity of your organisation, your employees and your relationships. If you have been lost in Google looking for advice, you will find BusinessPoint Live easy and straight forward to get the answers you need. Members have free access to our team of Accredited Network Business Advisors and Suppliers to support and mentor your business.

Benefits As a Corporate member you can manage business communities from ten to ten thousand. The system is secure and available to your organisation as and when you need it. Using BusinessPoint Live™ means you will develop the style, culture and operational practice of a winning business. By this we mean what is best for your business.

Members will benefit from a reduced cost of doing business whilst releasing management from unproductive activities to focus resources on the activites which make your business succeed.

Membership Services
All Members enjoy use of the Internet Business Centre inclusive of the following services.

FREE Member Services
  • Membership of an international business community for the commercial benefit of all its members
  • Free access to our team of Business Advisors and Service Providers with fully integrated transaction management
  • Free Access to Members Business Area
  • Free access to Web Conferences addressing the issues of the day
  • Discussion Board addressing the issues of the day
  • Business Topics
  • On-Line Business Services (charges may apply)
    • Business Development
    • Sales and Sales Management
    • Marketing
    • Training and Development
    • Employment Law Services
    • Business Intelligence
  • Library of Business Videos and Pod Casts Business Blog
  • National and Regional Events (charges may apply)
CHARGEABLE Member Services
  • Business Edition
  • Network Business Advisor/Supplier
  • Corporate Edition
For details of functions and pricing click here.
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