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The Internet Business Centre uses Microsoft SharePoint as its foundation, which provides a secure, global platform our members can use to manage their business activities.

BusinessPoint Live™ has taken the Microsoft Sharepoint system and customised it for the small and medium business.

BusinessPoint Live™ belives every business should have access to business internet systems with which they can reduce their cost base enabling them to be more competitive in today’s market place. Perhaps as important it is a system which is easy to use.

By customising Microsoft Sharepoint we have created a global environment where the small and medium size business enjoys the benefit of corporate technology at little ot no cost. It is simple to use and easy to communicate with other members from across the world. All you require is an internet browser to access the system. Microsoft Sharepoint ensures your business data is secure. BusinessPoint Live™ provides the tools, applications and services most business require on a dialy basis . Security is a key feature and users will not be exposed to the risks and threats when managing their own systems.

Because we provide the hosting services members have the benefit of the best security tools and services available. The hosting is based in the UK and the US with back up support systems in place.

Look at the link below and see what Microsoft have to say about SharePoint.
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