How do I use it in my business?
One of the keys to any successful business is its ability to ensure clarity in all its communication when doing business. A lack of clarity creates misunderstandings, which delays, decision-making; increase cost and causes transactions to fail.

Today’s modern interruption style of communication is negative when dealing with business transactions. We all need time to access the correct information before any professional response is given.

The Internet Business Centre functions within a secure environment and the system sends an alert email to advise participants of any activity or task added or changed to a live transaction. The alert email provides a link and the participant enters their user name and password to access the document.

BusinessPoint Live™ never uses emails to transmit sensitive business data because of the risk of sending it to the wrong person.

The Internet Business Centre ensures clarity of communication by using internet phone and web conferencing systems from the desktop. All communication written or spoken is stored within a transaction workspace to ensure any participant has full access not only to data but also to the discussions, which have taken place.

Interestingly by recording the dynamics of business activities this way you can compare similar transactions and identify the factors, that create a positive or negative result.

There is no additional cost or time implication when recording, storing, and publishing business activities and it creates an environment where business behaviour is less personality and more focused on positive results.

The uses of the Internet Business Centre in business is varied, based upon the particular requirements of the business in question. The most common applications are:
  • Secure business to business communication when managing business transactions
  • Secure Data Management of business information.
  • Interactive and transparent management of business transactions:
    • New Business & Client Management (CRM with communication)
    • Project Management
    • Task Management
    • Sales Presentations
    • Training and Support (internally and clients)
    • Website and Content Management
    • Business Data Secure Storage
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