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Online Business Checklist

Google AdWords is the most complex and expansive advertising system on the planet. It’s also the most powerful, the most customizable and the most unique. When setup and managed properly, AdWords can be one of the best sources for new customers.

Creating a successful AdWords campaign can be a complex endeavour. If you are new to AdWords or your campaign is not generating the results you’re looking for, here are important questions to ask:

  1. Account Structure. Are you implementing a well-organized account structure?
  2. Conversion tracking. Are you tracking which ads and keywords are making you money and those that are simply bleeding money?
  3. Are you qualifying your ads? Are your ads attractive to people that are most likely to convert, and unattractive to those who are unlikely to ever become customers?
  4. Understanding Quality Score. Do you have a good understanding of what Quality Score is?
  5. Ad Delivery. Are you using the right ad delivery option to set the pace of your ads?
  6. Landing page. Are you sending prospects to the most relevant and optimized landing page?
  7. Ad copy. How effective are your ads at generating clicks and conversions?
  8. Conversion Optimizer. Are you using the conversion optimizer to get you as many conversions as possible?
  9. Quality Score. What steps can you take to improve quality score?
  10. Ad Scheduling. Are you using specifying what days of the week and times of the day you would like your ads to appear?
  11. Remarketing. Are you remarketing to the right site visitors?
  12. Search Query Report. Are you using the search query report to optimize your account?
  13. Display Network. Are you effectively using the Display Network to increase brand awareness?
  14. Negative Keywords. Are you using negative keywords to protect your ads from appearing for irrelevant searches?
  15. Positive Keyword Match Types. Are you using the right keyword match types to ensure that you’re capturing all of the ways your product or service can be searched for?
  16. Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Are you using Dynamic Keyword Insertion to ensure that your core keywords are used within your AdWords ad?
  17. Bid Adjustment Modifiers. Are you using Bid Adjustment Modifiers to increase the likelihood of your ad generating conversions?
  18. Keyword Research. Are you choosing the best keywords and phrases that your ideal target customer is actively using to search for your products or services?
  19. Diagnosing Keyword Problems. Do you know how to diagnose your problem keywords in order to improve performance of your AdWords campaign?
  20. Match Types. How do you determine which positive match type to use?
  21. Ad Groups. What is the most efficient way to structure your ad groups?
  22. Sitelink Extensions. Are you using sitelink extensions to increase clickthrough rate to different sections of your site?
  23. Callout Extensions. Are you using callout extensions to include specific attributes about your business in your ad?
  24. Location Extensions. Are you using location extensions to enhance your ad and encourage potential customers to visit your business location? Read more.
  25. Call Extensions. Are you using phone extensions to encourage potential customers to call your business location?
  26. AdWords Campaign Experiments. Are you using AdWords Campaign Experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of your ad copy?
  27. Split Testing. Are you split testing your ads to determine which of your ads perform the best?
  28. Auction Insights Report. Are you using the Auction Insights Report to get actionable intelligence about the performance of your competitors on the AdWords platform?
  29. Your AdWords Budget. Are you optimizing your AdWords budget so you’re not potentially missing out on clicks and conversions?
  30. Buyer Funnel. Do you understand how far a particular consumer is from becoming a customer?
  31. Long Tail Keywords. Are you successfully using long tail keywords to increase conversions
  32. The Dimensions Tab. Are you effectively utilizing the dimensions tab to optimize your account?

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