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How to Make Money As a YouTube Partner

What is YouTube’s Partner Program?

The YouTube Partner Program enables developers of original content to take part in a revenue-sharing system that can allow you to generate revenue from the videos you have uploaded on to YouTube. In order for you to become a YouTube Partner, you will have to enable your YouTube account and monetize at least one of your videos.

Currently, the YouTube Partner program is only available to everyone that lives in any of the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States.

Promoting Your Blog

Once you’re a YouTube partner, you can use it to effectively market your blog. When you produce videos, you could add a backlink to your site, including pertinent details about the things you will be featuring in the video. This enables you to generate awareness to a potentially large audience. If you are trying to promote a product or service, incorporating video into your sales and marketing process can generate targeted traffic to your site which can lead to more revenue.

You need a minimum of 100,000 total upload views in order to become a YouTube partner. You can provide entertaining, informative, educational or musical videos. You can also upload videos that showcase your business. No matter what you do, it is always important to ensure that you’re creating engaging videos that your target audience can relate to. Note also, that you’ll need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers before you’re considered for partner status.

Google Partnership Benefits

You’ll Enjoy the Following Benefits as An Official Google partner:

Uploaded Content Rights

When you become a YouTube Partner, the copyrights & distribution rights to whatever videos you upload belong to you. You get more control over the rights connected with your content. For instance, if anyone adds content that is a violation of your copyright, the content can be blocked from being displayed on the platform. On the other hand, if you aren’t a partner and upload content, YouTube will distribute that video whichever way they want. In this case, YouTube retains the rights to the videos, so they can control, limit or delete your content.

Increase Your Target Market

As a YouTube partner, your online presence will be enhanced as there will be more ways for you to be discovered by your target market online. Users will be able to find and share your content on the web’s biggest video community, as well as through YouTube’s syndication partners. Tools are also provided by YouTube that will allow you to boost your viewers. You also have the awesome benefit of getting your video featured at the top of relevant searches.

In addition, your video can be displayed in wide screen format 640 x 360. This boosts your likelihood of views, and which typically correlates with an increase in subscriptions to your channel. Furthermore, your entire video content will be presented unrestricted to the video community via YouTube and its syndication partners. YouTube will provide access to development programs, video equipment, and other tools that you’ll be able to use to enhance your production quality and distribution skills.

As a partner, you’ll also get extra tools you can use to increase subscriptions and promote your business on and off YouTube. These include personalized video thumbnails and banners. Additionally, you’ll be able to add links to your website, which you can leverage to drive traffic to your offers.

Using Skins To Customize Your Image

Skins are specific backgrounds that have been customized to your brand’s image, colors, logos, etc. As a YouTube partner, you can utilize skins to customize your channel pages. You can also select any image that meets YouTube’s strict requirements, and use it as the thumbnail. Essentially, partners get so much more control over their videos than non-partners. This gives you the opportunity to connect your YouTube channel with your brand. It also stands your site out from other sites.

Monetizing Your Content

Becoming a YouTube partner allows you to sign up to Google’s ad sense program. You’ll get the opportunity to post Google ads on your videos which will allow you to monetize your content in the process. The ads include:

  • skippable and non-skippable pre-roll ads
  • display ads
  • overlay in-video ads

YouTube ads appear to viewers of your content. If you opt to monetize your content, you’ll be eligible to make money off Google. However, you are required to monetize at least one of your videos and sign up to the AdSense program. You’re also required to get to your local AdSense payment threshold, which varies, depending on your currency.

Revenue generally depends on how many people click-through your online ads (PPC) and how many people check out your video (CPM). PPC stands for pay-per-click and CPM is a flat rate of $20 per 1,000 views of the featured video. YouTube divides the advertising revenue between YouTube themselves, the AdSense publisher, and the YouTube partner that provides the video content. YouTube doesn’t put a limit on where you can upload and distribute your videos, so you can monetize it through YouTube and still use it elsewhere.

Additional Exposure

As a partner, the “Related Videos” section will be replaced by the “More From” section. The “More From” section will feature only thumbnail links to your videos.

How To Subscribe To The YouTube Partner Program

To sign up, go to your YouTube channel.

You are required to meet the following criteria to become a partner.

  • Publish original videos that are suitable for online streaming. You need to already have videos available in your channel before you apply for membership.
  • Own the copyright and distributions rights to the video and audio content you use.
  • You cannot use third-party content unless you are given the express permission of that provider. Furthermore, the content provider will get part of the advertising revenue from the video.
  • You upload videos on a regular basis that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users.

To participate in the revenue sharing program, you’re required to have an AdSense account and a YouTube user account. Once you have applied, Google will assess your application to evaluate your eligibility.

Click here to check out the YouTube Content ID system. This is a set of copyright policies and content management resources that tries to keep a balance between the legal rights of copyright holders and people that choose to express themselves online.

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