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Advantages of LinkedIn Recommendations

What is a LinkedIn Recommendation?

A LinkedIn recommendation is a personal and professional endorsement from people in your network that attest to your trustworthiness and credibility. They are the LinkedIn equivalent of professional references in that they provide third-party verification of the information on your LinkedIn profile. Recommendations could come from friends, clients, co-workers, partners, supervisors or past employers, and they generally attest to your unique skills, work ethic, experience, and accomplishments.

Recommendations are like getting professional references before you need them, so when a client or potential employer asks you for references, you can easily refer them to your LinkedIn profile. These powerful signs of approval help build your brand image imply that you’re a person worthy of doing business with. Giving and receiving recommendations clearly enhances your LinkedIn profile.

Once you have received a recommendation, it will show up beneath the relevant position, as well as a link to the profile of the person who has provided the referral. A brief summary of the referral itself will be included as well. It is significant to note that when a client recommends you or your employees, their entire network will receive a notification that they’ve endorsed you.

Advantages of Recommendations

They are social proof. Recommendations and endorsements are a powerful aspect of LinkedIn, and can help build your personal brand’s reputation on the platform. Genuine and well-written recommendations and endorsements by past employers and co-workers offer independent personal and professional feedback about your skills, and validate your experience and credibility.

On the LinkedIn network, self-promotion is given very little regard when it is not backed up by independent verification. Recommendations and endorsements provide the opportunity to let potential clients know your worth. This is the concept of ‘social proof’ that demonstrates your competency and professionalism.

Give you a leg up over the competition. Recommendations and endorsements give you a leg up over the competition. Some people get job contracts solely on the basis of their recommendations backed up by endorsements from credible sources.

For example if a recruiter or hiring manager has to choose between you (with ten or more connections and endorsements from previous bosses and colleagues), and another applicant (who has none or much fewer), all things being equal, chances are you’ll be selected over the other candidate because you are a safe risk based on your past achievements.

Create more ways for you to be found on LinkedIn. Recommendations and endorsements create more ways for you to be found on LinkedIn. Recommendations provide more ways for you to be found through profile searches, Service Provider Directory searches, and other LinkedIn members’ profiles who have recommended and endorsed you for specific skills. Note that when one of your connections recommends or endorses you, the activity appears in their update stream as well as in the Recommendations box on the right side of their profiles. If you have a lot of recommendations, your profile would be much more prominent in search results than profiles with few or no recommendations.

Stand out from the competition in the Service Providers directory. Recommendations allow you to be listed within the Service Providers Directory. Within the #LinkedIn Service Providers directory, searchers can choose to view either the most recent or most highly recommended service providers. Recommendations also allow people to find you via advanced search, and through other LinkedIn members’ profiles who have recommended you. In addition, The number of LinkedIn recommendations you have has a very real impact on your profile’s searchability.

Giving recommendations provides real proof of your leadership qualities. Being able to actively recognize the value of others and motivate them is an essential leadership skill. If you have provided meaningful recommendations to many of your previous colleagues and subordinates on LinkedIn, it provides some proof of your leadership qualities.

Recommendations provide reassurances to potential investors. When a potential investor who is considering investing in your company reads lots of genuine Recommendations that can all be individually verified, such pubic endorsements of approval can only serve to reassure the investor that you are a safe bet.

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