Understanding Facebook Audience Insights


Audience Insights helps you learn more about the people that will see your ad before you actually spend any money on it by providing access to all of the data that Facebook has on everyone. Facebook is purchasing data from 3rd party data companies on Facebook users. So when you …

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How To Identify Your Target Audience

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It can’t be overemphasized just how crucial market research is to business success. When you understand your target market, this will ensure that you’re providing the right products and services to your target market, ones that they will be interested in buying, and at a price point that they are …

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Online Business Checklist


Google AdWords is the most complex and expansive advertising system on the planet. It’s also the most powerful, the most customizable and the most unique. When setup and managed properly, AdWords can be one of the best sources for new customers. Creating a successful AdWords campaign can be a complex …

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Incorporating Pinterest Into Your Marketing Strategy

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For many content based sites, Pinterest has become a key source of referral traffic As with other social media sites, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to really humanize and personalize your brand, perhaps more so than other social networks. You can use stunning images to visually display what your company …

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External Links

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What are External Links? External links (also known as outbound links) are links from your site to other websites. They are just as important to a high organic search ranking as inbound links. Most website owners are completely focused on backlinks that outbound linking remains largely ignored and generally misunderstood. …

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Business Benefits of a Facebook Page

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With over one billion registered users as at February 2013 and over 600 million users logging into their account each day, Facebook has now become the most powerful social network and the most popular social media platform on the internet. The platform represents a golden opportunity for businesses of all …

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Advantages of LinkedIn Recommendations

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What is a LinkedIn Recommendation? A LinkedIn recommendation is a personal and professional endorsement from people in your network that attest to your trustworthiness and credibility. They are the LinkedIn equivalent of professional references in that they provide third-party verification of the information on your LinkedIn profile. Recommendations could come …

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Using Facebook Events To Promote Upcoming Events

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What is a Facebook Event? A Facebook Event is a way for users to promote an upcoming event such as a webinar, teleseminar, convention, party or other social gathering. You can leverage Facebook events to actively connect with your fans by engaging them in conversation through that event. For example, …

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How To Develop A Google Plus Content Strategy

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Start by determining your end goal. Before you post a particular piece of content, you need to identify the goal you are trying to achieve with that post. Every post you make on a social network needs to have a purpose, a goal – something you can measure and quantify …

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How to Make Money As a YouTube Partner

What is YouTube’s Partner Program? The YouTube Partner Program enables developers of original content to take part in a revenue-sharing system that can allow you to generate revenue from the videos you have uploaded on to YouTube. In order for you to become a YouTube Partner, you will have to …

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Manufacturing Small Business

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Manufacturing small businesses could focus on niche products or contract manufacture. The total demand for niche products could be too small or widely distributed to interest large businesses. Small businesses could find such products ideal. Large businesses might often find it more profitable to sub-contract the manufacture of components to …

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Administration and Small Business

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Administration could be defined as getting the right things done – not all things, but the right things. That means planning the structure of your business and putting systems in place to identify the right things. Your small business could definitely benefit if you are clearly aware of the specifics …

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An Overview of US Economy for the Businessperson


Small Business in the USA Traditionally, businesses were small. Grocers, restaurants, repair shops, barbers, painters and others were all local. Even now, despite the dominance of franchises, retail chains and ready-to-assemble DIY kits, local businesses manage to survive. Small businesses are also free from the bureaucratic tendencies that can creep …

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Setting Up a Small Business From a Reclusive Place

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The emergence of Internet as a marketplace has transformed the competitive situation for small businesses. To reach world markets, it is no more necessary to set up expensive branch offices. Instead, you can simply create a web site for your business, incorporate order and payment facilities at the site, and …

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